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As a busy mom, I couldn’t thank Metal Lock And Key enough for helping me through one particularly stressful day. I went out to buy groceries, and when I went back to my car, with a cart full of perishable food items and my cranky two-year old in tow, I realized that I left my car keys inside my Toyota Camry!  The bag where I keep my spare key is also inside the car, since I only brought a small bag for my grocery money.  I remember my husband telling me to save the number of Metal Lock And Key for emergencies such as these, and I’m so glad I did!  They handled my call promptly, and after a mere 15 minutes, a locksmith came to the parking lot to assist me.  He opened the door expertly, without damaging my car.

Robert Jeter

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new apartment and we needed to change the locks and have new keys made.  We are on a tight budget, and so we called up several locksmith shops in the area to find the right one.  Some locksmith services are way out of our budget, while some customer service employees that we spoke to are just way too condescending. Finally, we spoke to a representative from Metal Lock And Key. Not only is the staff courteous, she understood our dilemma and gave us a reasonable quote for the service that we wanted.  We’re very happy with their service.  I’m very grateful to their staff that went above and beyond our expectations. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

Thomas Davis

I accidentally dropped my purse while I was out clubbing one night, and when I got home to get my house keys, I realized that when I dropped my purse my keys fell out and they were nowhere to be found. I went back to the club but my keys weren’t there anymore.  Worried and frustrated at 2:00 am, I found a locksmith company online that was open for 24 hours.  I was so glad that Metal Lock And Key is open 24/7.  I was very impressed with their reliable and efficient service. Since I lost the keys to both the back and front door of my house, they rekeyed the locks and provided me with new keys.  In no time at all, I was inside my house, safe and secure. Thank you so much!

Dawn Thomas

I just opened a small café in a busy part of town, and my next-door neighbor, a Laundromat, recommended that I get high-security locks and a keyless entry system. Being new to the city, I don’t know any locksmith companies in the area.  My neighbor the Laundromat owner recommended Metal Lock And Key, and I am so glad that I followed his advice.  The first thing I noticed is their professionalism, and their modern tools.  I can tell that they really invested a lot of training and equipment in this company.  I am very satisfied with their service, and their skilled and knowledgeable staff even offered to have a follow-up check a week after the installation just to see if everything is working just fine. Highly recommended!

Erica Cha

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