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Quality Locksmith In La Mesa CA Since 2005

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We here 24 hour emergency to help with more than just home lockouts and lock repair. Call us

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We are commercial locksmith experts, offers your business the best lock and key services

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Our experienced locksmiths have the latest training and technology and are able to work quickly.



We are the largest security cameras & CCTV supplier company with a lot of experience

Our Mission

Locksmith La Mesa is a locksmith company offering services for all types of doors and access. This goes for both residential and commercial establishments. We have been in business for a long time now and we have hundreds of loyal customers coming to us, asking for our services. We aim to provide our people with the best security possible; therefore, we make sure that our locksmith services won’t be easily broken into. We monitor the news every day, and we are aware of all the crimes that are happening in the country. It is a scary thought for people in our community to be a victim of a crime. As such, we aim to maximize your security and minimize the crime rate in our community.

Of course as a locksmith service provider, we also unlock doors, not to rob you, but to give you back the access you need. We can easily and quickly unlock all kinds of locks or door knobs by using the right tools and methods. We don’t pick locks; we work our way around with them. We are here to offer convenience and peace of mind. A goodnight sleep and security — we strive to achieve these in what we do.

We are at the ready, day and night, for all kinds of locksmith related services.

Trustworthy and Efficient

Most people take what we do lightly. However, we don’t pay attention to criticism and focus only on getting all our service appointments on time and on-target. We detest crime; we don’t promote it. You can leave your house and let us do our job. Come home to all your belongings, money, and furniture. We have received positive feedback from our previous customers, and we work hard to keep the reputation we’ve built through the years.

We don’t rush our task, and we always ensure that we provide the full extent of our services. We want to provide the best service possible. You need not worry about errors and mistakes; we always check the results of our service upon finishing. This way, we can inspect if everything is done right and tight. We also cover all damages that we may have caused in order to avoid conflicts between us and our customers.

We started with a few tools and a small number of staff. Now we possess the best tools and our staff comprises entirely of professional locksmiths who are capable of attending to all locksmith issues.

Here in Metal Lock and Key, we value our customers like our own family. We want them to feel safe inside their home and confident that uninvited individuals won’t be able to cross their thresholds. It is easy for us to determine the problem with your door and lock. We can also conduct manual diagnostics and methods in a snap. You requested our services after breakfast; we get it done before supper.

The Metal Team and the resources

We utilize great tools and equipment when we conduct our services. The best brands of locks, safes, screws, and doors are what we offer. We don’t put out low-quality materials that won’t be efficient in the long run. We want our services to benefit the homeowners for years.

To be more specific, here are the brief characteristics of our company:

  • Reliable and mechanically inclined. Our team can work on any lock structures, may it be doors or automotives. We are here to unlock doors and secure homes. We promise to never damage your properties.
  • On Time services, we see to it that we get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible. We will drive kilometers just to get to you. Our customer service is available 24/7, so call us, email us, or visit us. Rest assured that we will respond quickly. We are an ideal company in times of emergency situations.
  • We rely on extensive methods and innovative tools when we do our work. We use every resource we have as necessary.
  • The payment we demand is affordable and reasonable.
  • We share what we know with our customers so that they can also perform the basic locksmith diagnostics on their own.

We live by these descriptions, and that is because of the trust that the people have given us and will give us in the near future. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Through the long run

You can make a deal with us to provide all the locksmith services you need for as long as you need them. If you live in the nearby town or city, we will be there. We will establish a strong relationship, not as service provider and customer, but as a family. Believe us when we say we care about your safety and not the money you will pay us.

There are a lot of scammers out there, and we don’t want you to be a victim. We hate the fact that some people in this business are just in it for the money and not the customers. Please be careful in choosing the company to seek help from.

With that, we promise you that your effort to seek us out won’t be wasted. Here at Metal Lock and Key, we are dedicated to serving thousands and millions of people in the coming years. If you want to know more about us, get in touch with us; you won’t be disappointed.

Our well-equipped and skilled staff is the pillar of our business. Everyone in our company family is knowledgeable in the locksmith business and is able to answer all kinds of questions. Once again, trustworthy and efficient. Years of service and the seeds of our hard work have truly paid off. We never run out of customers, and we never over-look any of them. We balance our work load and we keep tracks of our services. Our record keeps a list of all our customers and the services they have asked for/ With this, we can notify our customers when they need maintenance and repairs. Friendly and convenient, you can talk to our customer service staff, either via phone or face to face.